Unsure when you should be looking to treat your weeds to make sure you get on top of your weed control for the season ahead?

Download our e-book designed for organisations, individuals and operators to understand the best way to approach weed control in their organisation.

This e-book will walk you through why getting treatment cycles right is so important. It will cover the considerations that are needed prior to carrying out weed control including site history, time of year, climate amongst others, an introduction to the different types of weed and when and how to treat them.

This e-book covers:

  • The importance of treatment cycles
  • Variables to consider
  • Application timing
  • Weed category
  • Types of weed

By the end of the e-book you should have a holistic overview of the factors that are important to delivering the most effective weed, moss and algae control in your organisation helping to minimise unnecessary costs associated with additional time and labour spent on managing unruly weeds which have not been treated correctly.